reflecting on blessings galore

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had! The table, just before we all sat down! Note this year’s addition to the seldom-trifled-with menu: a Charlie Brown-style plateful of popcorn, pretzel sticks and jelly beans! We began preparations for the day on Monday of Thanksgiving week, ironing napkins and counting glasses to make sure we’d have enough–anyone else’s family seem to break glasses on an annoyingly consistent basis?!  Tuesday was dedicated to cranberry sauce and pie crusts. On Wednesday we baked the… Read more »

May you have a blessed, glorious day, though the turkey be dry and the pies edges burn, though the cranberry sauce be forgotten in the fridge and the uncle laugh too loudly. May you look around and see the gifts everywhere, in russet leaf and rain falling, in drifts of snow and smile of a child.  May you search for beauty–hunt it down and capture it and thank God for all the ways He has surrounded you. Amen. Don’t forget–you… Read more »

Christmas giveaway

We are Christmas fanatics around here. I realize it’s not quite Thanksgiving, but the truth is, there has already been carol singing, surreptitious eggnog swigging, present wrapping, and list-writing galore around here.  I blame it on the fact that my son’s sweet friend brought me a coffee at church a few weeks ago, and I gratefully took a sip … not realizing it was a Peppermint Mocha, upon which sip-plus-realization my eyes grew wide knowing I’d just broken one of… Read more »

It’s a busy time of year, and Thanksgiving Day is just the beginning. Between the commercials, Hallmark specials and Pinterest images, a mama might be tempted to throw in the towel before she even begins.  Pressure can mount: weight to make this the best Thanksgiving ever. Maybe we need to remind ourselves what it’s all really about? What is The Best Thanksgiving, Anyway? Thanks. Giving.  Eucharisteo: giving thanks. When life is busy (is it ever not busy?) and difficulties loom… Read more »

favorite thanksgiving recipes

Let’s get things straight: Food is important, people. And so, since I’m coming back to the blogging world during this most important food week of the year, I’m going to share … Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes– all in one place! Ready to have the best Thanksgiving? Here we go!!! First up: Celebration Turkey! Celebration Turkey 1 16 pound whole turkey, neck and giblets removed 3/4 cup butter, cubed 2 apples, cored and halved one or two whole sprigs of rosemary and… Read more »

Welcome! It’s wonderful to have you join me at my new site! After a year off from writing, my fingers are itching and my heart is bursting.  This new site is under my name, to make it easier to find and also because I want it to be a place I can be *myself.* I don’t want to have to focus on just one topic–even though that’s the “recommended approach” to blogging–because as a person, I’m about more than one… Read more »

(a repost from Encouraging Beautiful Motherhood) We smile at the child who spills milk on the floor, letting him know it’s okay and the mess can be cleaned up. We are patient with the one overwhelmed by the complexities of algebra. We take time for the story of the broken heart, the misunderstanding between friends, the dreams deflected. Oh, dear mom, do you know who you are? To the tired one, you are rest and peace. To the struggling one,… Read more »

(a repost from Encouraging Beautiful Motherhood) We are big fans of breakfast around here–especially for dinner! Of course, with so many people to feed, I’m always thrilled when I find something *everyone* enjoys. This was a new find this year, and I had to pass it along–they were a bit hit at my house! Pumpkin Waffles with Apple-Walnut Sauce 1 1/4 cp whole wheat or regular flour 1/3 cp sugar 1 TB baking powder 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice 1/2… Read more »