Do you ever wake up gripped with a sense that the day already has you beat–and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet?  Maybe you’ve just endured a major accident of some kind, or you received awful news just the day before.  Or maybe your life took a turn not of your making a long time ago, and you’ve been holding on by your fingernails, it seems, ever since. As I’m reading God’s word this morning, I find myself… Read more »

Last week I heard a fantastic message about faith and the movement of God in our lives.  The speaker brought up a great point: too often, we live in a vague hope instead of a strong faith.  He described his own tendency to hope things would turn out well, because he knows God is good and He loves us, and how that will often work out just fine … but it’s not actually the way of living by faith. Someone… Read more »

They were supposed to look like this. I thought I’d waited too late. When the paper bag with the picture of cheery tulips on the front tumbled off my pantry shelf late last October, the appropriate season for bulb-planting had passed. Snow and freezing temperatures—the first of a surely long Colorado winter–had been predicted for that night. The bulbs, papered bits falling out of their partial-mesh package, had been forgotten after they’d been put away… Join me for the rest… Read more »

  “7 AM, the usual morning lineup: Start on the chores and sweep ’til the floor’s all clean Polish and wax, do laundry, and mop and shine up Sweep again, and by then it’s like 7:15. And so I’ll read a book Or maybe two or three I’ll add a few new paintings to my gallery I’ll play guitar and knit And cook and basically Just wonder when will my life begin?” ~Glen Slater, 2010 (from Tangled) Sound familiar? Maybe… Read more »

Peace.  In today’s day and age, it’s hard to come by. We’ll probably have to hunt and peck and fight for it, sometimes. And then at other times, it falls upon us like a blanket. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to have–to be–a house full of peace.  I want my home to be a place where weary people can rest, where spirits are soothed and souls nourished, where well-written, deep books and paintings celebrating family… Read more »