I sat cross-legged atop piles of comforter and pillows, laptop comfortably ensconced in my lap, text open on the bed next to me, concentrating on one last paragraph to be written before I could send the assignment winging into cyberspace. He walked into the room expectantly, purposefully. When he saw I was still at work, he buried his head in the side of the high mattress next to me and sighed. Blowing through the door open to our second story… Read more »

April has arrived.  Not only does this mean we’ve celebrated Easter and our trees are blooming beautiful in the midst of Colorado’s crazy weather … … but this year, for the first time ever, it also means we’re counting down the days to the end of our district’s public school calendar. Now, if you don’t know me well, I have to give you a bit of background:  I consider myself a homeschool mom.  As in, I homeschooled my children from… Read more »