Forgiveness.  It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? We all blow it occasionally.  We sling words that bite, accidentally kick someone as we rush by too quickly, forget a birthday, raise our voice at a child.  And something in that person is dented, bruised; we’ve dug something out from under our relationship, whether by teaspoon or backhoe, on purpose or by mistake. No matter who we are, we all need to ask forgiveness of others sometimes. We also need to offer… Read more »

We’ve all heard them: the overwrought mom at Target, the impatient dad at the pool.  They’re frustrated and their kids aren’t doing whatever it is that someone wants them to do quite quickly enough, or they’re having a meltdown on aisle five. To me, the words land like knives in my own heart, something about the familiarity and anger behind them sinking deeply, sharply. Maybe the dad apologizes later, or the angry mom buys the child an ice cream on… Read more »