Wow, it takes some tough skin to be part of social media or watch the news these days, doesn’t it? Many questions are being raised, and I think that’s a good thing in just about any situation we might encounter.  Especially questions about what’s the best way to manage and lead and guide our families.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the ways we sometimes become tempted to fence ourselves in, trying to create our own hedge… Read more »

Congratulations!!! You’ve just had a baby.  If you’re feeling anything like I did twenty-three years ago (and even just five years ago!), your bundle of joy may have you experiencing a big dose of wonder, a morsel of fear, a ton of exhilaration, and more than a smidgen of exhaustion–usually consecutively, at about thirty-second intervals! Becoming a mother is a wondrous thing.  It’s also all of those emotions I just listed, and then some! Thinking back on that amazing night… Read more »

You got on a plane today. Third boy; the one who couldn’t wait to be born, who came so early and quickly the midwife missed it.  You slipped into our world so easily, and just as quickly today you are gone, nearly eighteen years of sunrise and sunset in between. Boyhood sits quiet, boxed in the closet; Tom Sawyer and old pillows, jars stuffed with markers and crayons and pens–tools of your preferred trade, the guitar you couldn’t take along. … Read more »