Ahhh, the life of a mama! Recently, I was blessed to attend a reunion of the MomHeart team at the home of Sally Clarkson.  We enjoyed deep fellowship, wonderful teaching, and the breaking of bread around lovely tables.  We even spent a morning sitting ’round the lake at the Broadmoor Hotel, with instructions to ponder what it meant for each of us personally to make sure our lives continued to be both life-giving and sustainable. What a gift! But we… Read more »

My tulip beds, at the end of May. Planted in the dark so many months ago, shovel plunged at the last minute by flashlight into fall-hardened ground in a desperate attempt to bury pregnant bulbs before Colorado’s first blankets of snow came, they defied planting dates and gravity to bring us joy every day this spring. The season has come to an end, though.  Several have dropped, petal edges bending downward, beginning the return piece by piece to the ground… Read more »