I had to laugh as it happened once again this year; the still-fresh orange hydrangeas next to the silver vase and golden angel; placemats boasting snowy Christmas scenes jostling for their space in one already full of Thanksgiving. So I thought I’d share this post from last year once again. Praying your own mashup week is a beaautiful one! It’s arrived … the week of the Thanksgiving Christmas Mashup. Funny, isn’t it? I love the change of seasons, and love… Read more »

thanksgiving week prep list

Do you stress out every Thanksgiving, trying to get it all done? We usually host Thanksgiving here, and I love it! Making the house cozy, cooking up a storm and feeding a bunch of people makes my heart very happy. But I found that waiting until Thanksgiving day to begin all the work involved was a surefire recipe for disaster. Enter the Thanksgiving Week Prep Timeline! I’m a list girl, and it helps me sooooooo much if I create a… Read more »

It’s been quite a season, hasn’t it?  Sometimes it seems the world is on fire. Faces of grieving moms and frightened children make us hug our own close, longing to hide them from all the ugliness and crazy happenings of our day. There’s been a lot of discussion around our house about the refugee crisis and the appropriate response for Christians.  While there are very loud voices on both sides, it seems to me that this situation has the potential… Read more »

Several years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to Ruth Schwenk by my sweet friend Sally Clarkson, and I immediately wished we lived in the same neighborhood.  Since then we’ve attended conferences together both as listeners and speakers, I’ve interviewed her for Titus 2 University, and now she’s got a new book out with Karen Ehman entitled, Hoodwinked.  She was sweet enough to send me a lovely box of treats a few weeks ago which included the book,… Read more »