Recovering from Brokenness

The end of the year often brings a lot of “pondering life” moments.  Tonight, after everyone else had gone to bed, as I was washing a giant pile of pots, pans, and bowls–the daily aftermath of life with nine people in the house–I had a sudden deep realization that I think is worth passing on to you today, as perhaps you, too, are considering where you are in your own life and making plans for the upcoming year.  Here it… Read more »

‘TWAS THE WEEK AFTER CHRISTMAS Twas the week after Christmas, and all through the house Were piles of paper, and toy “hotspots” called out for a douse! The bathrooms had not been right-cleaned for four days And the kitchen was messy, causing dinner delays. The children were happy, playing with their new toys But mama was not, fearing that girls and boys Had become pretty lazy ‘midst Christmas treats and joys. So she picked up some paper, with a pen made… Read more »

This is going to be a limited post, as I’m dedicated to enjoying the afterglow of Christmas this week! What a lovely holiday we had, despite the things I didn’t accomplish (surprise, surprise!)  There were no Christmas cards sent, no cinnamon rolls delivered to friends, several people I was unable to purchase gifts for, *and* I realized yesterday I hadn’t made even one batch of fudge!  This has been a really tight season for us, and many times it was… Read more »

~Edward Cassall, Hymn for Christmas Day See amid the winter’s snow, Born for us on earth below, See the tender Lamb appears, Promised from eternal years. Chorus: Hail, thou ever-blessed morn! Hail, redemption’s happy dawn! Sing through all Jerusalem, Christ is born in Bethlehem. Lo, within a manger lies He who built the starry skies; He who throned in height sublime Sits amid the cherubim. Say, ye holy shepherds, say What your joyful news today; Wherefore have ye left your… Read more »

  Oh the happiest Christmas, is a homecoming Christmas With the snow flithering down, til the world seems new …  ~Michael W. Smith, The Happiest Christmas I’ve loved it since I was little. Magic from the sky, where Jesus was. Every Christmas Eve especially when I prayed for snow and so many years the forecasters shook their heads, wondering where the surprise had come from–I knew; I’d asked for it. It was like a secret between God and I. So… Read more »

The familiar, comforting scent of coffee had just begun to waft its way into the living room early one morning just a few days ago, as I sat reading through the likewise familiar, comforting story of the birth of Jesus as recorded by Luke.  Companion of Paul, a compassionate and detail-oriented doctor, Luke probably heard the story from eyewitnesses and companions of Jesus, though he had never met him.  The words are probably familiar ones to you, too … Now… Read more »

It’s Rebecca’s Christmas House Tour–Part Two! We’re back at Rebecca’s for a peek at the rest of her beautiful Christmas decor! Come on in! (If you missed Part One, click here!) Let’s begin today in the family room! This room is next to and visible from the kitchen. Look at this St. Nicholas climbing the tree! The mantel here is home to my Christmas village and our stockings, too! We are very blessed to have an amazing sun room/ enclosed… Read more »

Rebecca's Christmas House Tour: Part One!

 Welcome to Rebecca’s Christmas House Tour! I’m thrilled to have my sweet friend Rebecca here to share with us for the next couple of days.  Her house at Christmas is just something to behold, I tell you! And for this Christmas loving woman … well, it’s a treat, and I just had to have her come share her home with you, too!  Enjoy! Hello!! I am so honored to be here today. When Misty first asked me if I’d write… Read more »

These days, work gets a bad rap. Coming to a deeper understanding of the absolute depth of God’s grace has been such a wonderful thing for many of us in the church.  There is nothing we can do to earn salvation; it is a free gift that we needn’t work for–in fact, to work for our salvation is such an offensive concept as to (hopefully) turn our stomachs at the thought that we’d presume such a thing to be even… Read more »

Stress at Christmas.  It’s everywhere, isn’t it?  In the lines wrapping around stores on Black Friday–oops, I mean Thanksgiving afternoon!–in the flurry of wrapping happening Christmas Eve after children have been sent to bed, in the frantic Pinterest-searching and last-minute post office visits and burnt-out lights and burnt-edge sugar cookies and broken candy canes. Does it have to be this way? Well, I think a certain amount of stress is pretty common to the territory.  I’ve been at an awful… Read more »