We’re planning a New Year’s Eve party, so there’s a lot of list making going on ’round here.  The fun kind–we need cheese and chocolate for fondue, balloons and glitter for decorations, glowsticks and bells for the kiddos.  I’ve already printed out some 2016 resolutions papers for the kids to fill out–you can find those here: Kids 2016 New Years Sheet  and we’ll print these great questions out and take some time to hear about everyone’s 2015, too.  It’s time… Read more »

There are those, however, who look at the empty places on the calendar with weariness. This year drawing to a close has been a hard one, draining hope dry. Sweet one, can I ask you to look away from despair for a moment? Or maybe you wouldn't characterize your feeling as being nearly that dark; in that case, may I call you from even your weariness, the exhaustion that comes with simply living a poured-out-life well?

  “Why go I mourning?” (Psalm 42:9). “Canst thou answer this, believer? Canst thou find any reason why thou art so often mourning instead of rejoicing? Why yield to gloomy anticipations? Who told thee that the night would never end in day? Who told thee that the winter of thy discontent would proceed from frost to frost, from snow and ice, and hail, to deeper snow, and yet more heavy tempest of despair? Knowest thou not that day follows night,… Read more »

It’s true, I’ll admit it: I’m not ready for Christmas. Oh, I’ve done all the baking, the caroling and shopping, the tree trimming and wrapping, the reading and snuggling and even the waiting and watching. I’ve sat here through dark mornings and read Scripture by the lights of the tree (all 2,000 of them!) for all of Advent (and then some!).  I’ve “prepared Him room.”  But I’m still finding myself digging heels in, willing the season to slow, to give… Read more »

Dodging icy spots, I hurried into the store for a few more things for the third time that day.  The snow, having fallen a few days before, wasn’t so pretty in the parking lot, and what sparkled in pristine white was now packed, browned from salt and pressed with the tread of so many tires. Passing the bundled elderly woman picking her way over the treacherous piles, the tired ringer at the door, the temptation of the coffee bar, I… Read more »

Happy Monday! If you’ve been around here awhile, you might know how much I love snow. Here’s a quick Periscope I did when I “snowed” my bedroom tree this weekend!  You can follow me at Misty Krasawski on Twitter and Periscope (lots of fun, if you haven’t added it yet!)  Learn to make snow for your Christmas here:   Sometimes I like to share the fun things I’ve been finding around the internet! Ann on housecleaning–plus the bedding I have… Read more »

Last night we attended Victoria’s winter concert. As usual, it was a wonderful mix of on-the-radio favorites and traditional choruses, the stage and aisles abuzz with color and movement.  I’d share a picture but honestly found myself so enthralled watching the kids present all they’d worked on that I never even thought to pull my phone out to capture it! Turning down one cold, busy street after another, my husband and I hunted down a parking spot in downtown Denver… Read more »

It’s been quite a season, hasn’t it?  Sometimes it seems the world is on fire. Faces of grieving moms and frightened children make us hug our own close, longing to hide them from all the ugliness and crazy happenings of our day. There’s been a lot of discussion around our house about the refugee crisis and the appropriate response for Christians.  While there are very loud voices on both sides, it seems to me that this situation has the potential… Read more »

Congratulations!!! You’ve just had a baby.  If you’re feeling anything like I did twenty-three years ago (and even just five years ago!), your bundle of joy may have you experiencing a big dose of wonder, a morsel of fear, a ton of exhilaration, and more than a smidgen of exhaustion–usually consecutively, at about thirty-second intervals! Becoming a mother is a wondrous thing.  It’s also all of those emotions I just listed, and then some! Thinking back on that amazing night… Read more »

You got on a plane today. Third boy; the one who couldn’t wait to be born, who came so early and quickly the midwife missed it.  You slipped into our world so easily, and just as quickly today you are gone, nearly eighteen years of sunrise and sunset in between. Boyhood sits quiet, boxed in the closet; Tom Sawyer and old pillows, jars stuffed with markers and crayons and pens–tools of your preferred trade, the guitar you couldn’t take along. … Read more »

We’ve all heard them: the overwrought mom at Target, the impatient dad at the pool.  They’re frustrated and their kids aren’t doing whatever it is that someone wants them to do quite quickly enough, or they’re having a meltdown on aisle five. To me, the words land like knives in my own heart, something about the familiarity and anger behind them sinking deeply, sharply. Maybe the dad apologizes later, or the angry mom buys the child an ice cream on… Read more »