It’s been quite a season, hasn’t it?  Sometimes it seems the world is on fire.

Faces of grieving moms and frightened children make us hug our own close, longing to hide them from all the ugliness and crazy happenings of our day.

There’s been a lot of discussion around our house about the refugee crisis and the appropriate response for Christians.  While there are very loud voices on both sides, it seems to me that this situation has the potential to do something important: to reveal to us a lot about our own faith.  Are we making decisions based on fear (even if we couch it as “wisdom”)?  Have we researched the situation for ourselves so we know the facts and don’t just parrot the party line of our favorite loudmouth on radio or TV?  Above all, are we responding as Jesus would respond?

Lord, help us.  We are overwhelmed.

The other day I was going through my Loving God Greatly Bible study, and was reminded of a scripture paraphrase I’d read many years ago of Psalm 23.  I did a quick periscope on it, and wanted to share it with you!  What a wonder to be reminded that God is our Shepherd, and so we are never alone or without guidance!

Comforting, isn’t it?  This sheep knows she needs direction and looking after!  Thank goodness for the Shepherd.  Isaiah 40:11 reminds us …

Like a shepherd He will tend His flock,
In His arm He will gather the lambs
And carry them in His bosom;
He will gently lead the nursing ewes.


This made me giggle this morning.  Have you ever had a toddler throw a fit in some public spot and you’ve had to just pick him up and physically remove him to a … more appropriate place?  That’s the picture I got when I read this today.  In His arm He will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom.  Which, to me, indicates that He’s perfectly capable of scooping up our errant children and carrying them where He wants them to go, whether they like it or not.


Since my mind keeps circling back around to the refugee crisis (sorry!) here’s another question that could probably be moved to the top of the list–What does God want YOU to do?  That, after all, is the only question most of us will get to actually answer, since we’re not in charge of national policy!  This is the thing that’s keeping me up at night, honestly.  Our foundation has partnered with The Legacy Collective and they’ve shared their intentions here–so exciting to be part of this work!

Ann Voskamp, as usual, has beautiful words and reminders for us, too.

Relevant Magazine posted this list of scriptures that can inform our decisions on how to treat refugees.

And this story, from my sweet mentor Sally Clarkson, reminds us that even in the dark, God is with us and we are never alone.

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