Dodging icy spots, I hurried into the store for a few more things for the third time that day.  The snow, having fallen a few days before, wasn’t so pretty in the parking lot, and what sparkled in pristine white was now packed, browned from salt and pressed with the tread of so many tires.

Passing the bundled elderly woman picking her way over the treacherous piles, the tired ringer at the door, the temptation of the coffee bar, I headed toward candy canes and chocolate chips, while a longer list played through my mind.  Still need to order that gift, scrub that floor before company comes, decide whether or not a trip south is in order.


We’ve checked a lot off my list this season.  Yet … There’s so much left to be done, Christmas now only days away.  9, if I’d read the cutesy Christmas app correctly that morning.  Only a few days to finish all the preparation, do all the things that needed to be done.  The weight of Christmas can weigh hard on a woman.

And that’s when it hit me, somewhere between the bell ringing and the carol dimly heard over the din of the grocery store …

Ready or not, here He comes!

Silly, isn’t it?  But true.

IMG_3485 IMG_3490

Advent.  This season slips in like a lamb, and if we’re not careful we’re swept up in the pace of a lion as expectations and our own wants and wishes for the perfect Christmas loom large.  We must have the perfect tree, the matching paper, the perfect gift for everyone under our roof (and a few other roofs, too.)  We want to sing all the songs and light all the candles and read all the books to our children.  And it’s all beautiful–but we can let the weight of Advent become something it was certainly never meant to be.  Our preparations could become the very thing separating us from what Jesus wants to do this Advent … to come.

And yet …

Ready or not, here He comes.

That’s the thing about Advent.


Lovely as it all can be, heart-filling and memory-making as our traditions are–

Advent is not all about me.  It’s all about Him.  And it’s not dependent upon me.  It’s dependent upon Him.  And the Lamb of God will come–has come–is coming.

Whether I wrap one more gift, bake one more cookie, sing one more song, or not–

Seven days from now (six … five … four … three … )

Jesus is coming.

I’ll keep decking the halls and scrubbing the deck and preparing my heart best I can.  But the best news about Advent is in those words right there, friends.

Ready or not, here He comes.

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