A Quick Video on how to add snow to your Christmas tree--and a few favorite links!

Happy Monday! If you’ve been around here awhile, you might know how much I love snow. Here’s a quick Periscope I did when I “snowed” my bedroom tree this weekend!  You can follow me at Misty Krasawski on Twitter and Periscope (lots of fun, if you haven’t added it yet!)  Learn to make snow for your Christmas here:


Sometimes I like to share the fun things I’ve been finding around the internet!

Ann on housecleaning–plus the bedding I have to admitting to coveting just a teensy weensy bit …The Secret to a Clean House

The Norwegian way … How To Enjoy A Long Winter

Lessons on wintering, from Denmark: Hygge: Lessons in Winter from Denmark

Sally with an article from Joy from a couple of weeks ago, in case you missed it–plus her wonderful weekly podcast! The Gift of Inspiration: Imagining Ourselves To Be Heroes

Why Kindergarteners shouldn’t be forced into reading Early Reading Push May Be Harmful

This was a quick way to make yummy eggs for breakfast with almost no work! How to Bake Eggs in Muffin Tins!

A fabulous idea for quick Christmas light hanging –where was this *before* we did the lights?? I’m thinking it would be a great way to put them away this year; wouldn’t that be a pleasant surprise when next season rolls around? Crevier Lighting System

Have a wonderful week!

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